Monday, August 1, 2011

Big Girl Karter

Out of all my pregnancies I have BY FAR experienced the nesting phase the most this time around!! Kyle will agree on this! Instead of nesting it's actually more of super anal psycho cleaning bitch. I have cried over my to do list and that things will never get done a few times! Then the next day I get it done and I'm the happiest person you've ever met! I have cleaned out almost every cabinet and drawer in the house, my closet and all my drawers in our master bath, the kids bathroom cabinets and linen closet, Keaton's whole room-clothes and toys, then we cleaned out one room that was the study and made that Karter's room so I moved all her stuff from her room into her new big girl room and made her old nursery Kambry's room! So I got down all the newborn stuff and washed everything and now the entire house feels organized and ready for baby! It's crazy how motivated you are and you simply can't rest until it's all done!

So back to Karter's big girl room...this was so much fun! We've lived in this house now for 2 years and have never really "made it home" or added our own touch to it because we don't own it and figured we'd be here a few months. That few months has turned into a much longer amount of time and even though it's temporary we need to feel at home! So we got permission to paint and it looks amazing! More pics of the house to come but right now we'll focus on Karter! I wanted her room bright pink and that it is!! We bought new furniture for her and my super talented friend, JoDee, made her bedding! That's right, she MADE it!! I picked out all the fabric and then she went to town making my vision a reality!! THANK YOU SO MUCH JODEE!!! It turned out awesome!! I can't show you everything yet because we're still waiting on a desk and shelves to finish it off but here are some sneak peeks!

I was so excited when I found ribbon that matched her bedding so I made this bow holder for her bows! =)

Sneak peek of what the bedding looks like! It's soooo darn cute!!

I bought this decal on Etsy and love it! This is right above her bed and she'll look up at it and say, "Mommy did" and point to it! =)

So once the room was pretty much finished we decided to TRY to let her sleep in her new bed and see how she does! I just knew this would be a big disaster and she'd be back in her crib in no time. I thought she'd get out of bed a zillion times, naps would be over, etc! Keaton was 2.5 when we switched him so I just knew 22 months would be too young. Apparently my optimistic attitude wasn't shining through on this topic! So last Sunday night we decided to try! She cried and cried for a while and Kyle decided to lay with her. I did NOT want that to become a habit but we thought maybe once she woke up alone she'd realize she did it and it wasn't so bad. So sure enough she woke up happy as a lark and when I put her down for a nap that day I just shut the door and expected to see her walking out shortly after but didn't...she went straight to sleep!! Every night and naptime all week since has been a breeze!! I am truly blown away!!! That was the easiest transition ever and she LOVES her new room!! Now the crib is raised back up and ready for baby Kambry to arrive!!

Loves reading and snuggling with her Daddy!!

Sound Asleep!!! =)


The Siegert Family said...

awhh what a big girl. We are in the process of r doing Averys room... just now. LOL I love the decal too. Im looking on esty for the right one to match her bedding. LOVE IT! She is such a cutie pie

Tiffany said...

Her bedding looks amazing! Great job, Jodee!! Can't wait to see the rest of the room and whole house pictures.

Thinking about you and praying for you and the family this week!!