Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Potty Training 101

I've posted how successful and easy potty training my son was and after recently having success doing the same method with my daughter I was questioned on "how to" by 2 friends so here's an easier to follow post...GOOD LUCK!!!
  1. 1 poster board (I cut mine into 4 smaller boards)
  2. markers
  3. variety of stickers for your little munchkin (I suggest getting about 5 different kinds so they don't get sick of picking the same stickers over and over. The party isle is great for different character!)
  4. prizes- character cups, books, movies from the $5 Wal Mart bin, coloring books, etc! Keep it cheap!
  5. M&M's


  1. Cut your poster into 4 smaller squares. (you'll probably only use 2 of them!)
  2. Pick one of the poster squares and with your markers make your chart. Mine usually have 6-8 squares going across. If you're an anal mom you might want to use a ruler, as for me I don't mind having uneven lines, ha! Don't forget to make room at the top for your title!
  3. Fill in your prizes...if it's your child's first board I suggest putting a prize on every 5th or so square, if it's their second board then I would put prizes on every 10th square! Prizes consist of anything you've bought but also use free things like the park, play at McDonalds, mall play area, etc. Our BIG prize at the end is always Chuck E Cheese!!! =)
  4. Let the potty training begin!!


  1. Every time they pee in the potty they get 1 M&M and they choose 1 sticker to put on their board.
  2. Whenever they poop in the potty they get 2 M&M's and they choose 2 stickers to put on their board.
  3. I don't suggest using pull ups because they know they can go in them if they want to. I would use big underwear all the time except for naps and nighttime! Once there pull ups start staying dry during naps then let them sleep in underwear! Why keep paying for pull ups if you don't need them!
  4. Once they reach a prize give it to them immediately or if it's an "outing" prize then try to go as soon as you can!
  5. Don't be a sucker! Stick to the 1-2 M&M plan and if they have an accident then NO PRIZE! Accidents will happen so don't make them feel bad for that but they need to know they wont be getting an M&M or sticker when they do that.

I think the number one tip is to make sure they're ready! If they're not ready then it's going to be so much work on you! If they're ready then this should work and by the time you're done with the second board they're potty trained!! Don't get discouraged...there will be some accidents but that's OK, it shows them how awful it feels!

GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!

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jennie said...

Thanks for this post!! What signs did you wait for before starting?