Friday, October 17, 2008

Lil' Reader

Keaton LOVES to read books! He will pick out a book and bring it to me or Kyle and plop down in our lap ready for the story! If all his books are out he'll bring one after another! His favorite is Brown Bear, Brown Bear which can really drive you crazy when read repeatedly! =) But, I love our reading time together! He now knows his animals! I can do them in any order and he'll point to the right one. I'm a proud momma! =)


Cara said...

What a smart little cookie he is! When he's a little older, it's not going to be fair at all to his classmates when he is the cutest AND the smartest kid in class! :)

Kimmie said...

I love hearing that your kiddo is enjoying reading and learning. That is such a wonderful sign. I loved reading when I was a kid to. Just wait till he can read on his own and wants to show you every picture (just like teachers do)...while driving, haha.