Sunday, October 5, 2008

Our Weekend

Well I hope everyone is having a great weekend! It has been about 45 degrees and raining here! We got to have our first fire of the season last night! The weekend started off in a strange way on Friday when my son, I mean husband, hurt himself playing paint ball!! He fell on a rock and didn't think much of it until he got back to the office (yes the office played on their lunch break) and lifted up his jeans. He could see meat and his bone!! YUCK!! So he went to the ER and got stitches. Pics don't do it justice but this next pic you can kinda see how deep it was!

It hurt bad Friday and he didn't get much sleep but he's doing much better! He goes back tomorrow to make sure there's no infections.

Now onto my real son, Mr. Keaton! He is just so funny to watch and just cracks us up! Here's a couple of cute videos! The first one is just a short one of him saying bye, he loves saying that and it sounds so cute!

Next he shows that he knows all his body parts! =) Yes even that one! He's know them for a while but this is the first time he did them all at once for the camera!

Then last night Kyle and I were watching TV and Keaton kept bringing in spices from the kitchen and was starting his own little collection on the coffee table. It's cuter than it sounds =)...enjoy!

So as I'm typing this Kyle is sitting behind me sharpening his hunting knives. I hear him yell, "ouch!" and look back and he had dropped the knife he was sharpening and it stabbed him in his already hurt leg! There was a blood line on the knife so he put his finger on it so you can see how deep it went in him.

Gosh, lots of blood in this post. I've gotta keep my eye on this boy!! I'm off to buy some butterfly band aids! =)


Kimmie said...

Mass of Destruction hubby! My goodness, how much can happen in one wknd? Hope he is feeling ok. The videos sure made the ouchie blog more happy. I love the "bye". Its just too sweet and innocent :)

Roni said...

Do you often wonder what in the world did we do before him for entertainment????

Cara said...

OUCH! Poor Kyle! You tell him to be careful!

Keaton is just too, too cute! I love the way he runs for the spices! He's a quick little guy! :)

Cara said...

Ok, I just watched the videos again b/c last time I watched them I had to mute the sound b/c I was at work OH MY GOSH! I laughed hysterically when you said "Keaton, where's your penis?" and he looked down and inside his shirt!! Hahahaha!!