Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Trip to K-Town

What a fun trip home!! Keaton and I left last Wed at 4:30 AM and it was 28 degrees!! Brrrrr!! We also had a big buck greet us in the driveway as we loaded the car which was really freaky in the dark! Kyle met us in Houston from Oklahoma (he was there for work) and we just had a great time! We had dinner with the fam that night at Victors and it was so great to see everyone and taste that delicious Mexican food!!! Then Thursday the wedding whirlwind started and I don't think I sat down until it was over on Sat. We had Kendall's Bachelorette party that night at Lupe Tortillas (more great Mexican food!) and then we went out to Mos.

Friday I spent the entire day working on a slide show for her rehearsal dinner which I thought would take an hour but of course it took about 8!! Anything that could go wrong did but luckily I have a wonderful husband that helped me and in the end everyone loved the slide show! Their rehearsal dinner at Landry's was fun and then we went to Bakers St. I'm so not used to all this going out so I was exhausted!!
Saturday was the wedding and it was just beautiful! She was a gorgeous bride and I was so happy to see her and her new husband, Alex, so excited and in love!
During all my wedding stuff, Keaton was getting spoiled by his Grandmas, Mawmaw and DeeDee! They went to Chuck-E-Cheese, Pump It Up, and the Zoo! (I dont have those pics yet) He had a great time! The wedding was over at about 4 and then my mom had her annual Halloween party for all her grand kids. She never disappoints and went all out!
Keaton actually wore the head to his costume for part of the time!! The kids all looked adorable!

It was just so great to see all our amazing friends and spend time with our family! We had such a great time and then flew back on Sunday! Needless to say I'm exhausted! I've had a horrible cough and runny nose throughout all of this too! I'm so sick of it, I've been through about 4 boxes of Kleenex! It's good to be back "home" but we miss Texas! =) See yall again in about 2 1/2 weeks when we come home for Thanksgiving!

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Cara said...

FUN!! It looks like you guys had a blast! I bet you really miss TX now, huh? My heart always aches for a few days after I leave.