Saturday, November 1, 2008


My how Halloween has changed! It used to consist of us dressing up like this

and going to a party to hang out and drink with friends. Now it's trick-or-treating at 6 and in bed before 10!! I wouldn't trade it for the world! =) These last 2 Halloweens have been the best! Last year Keaton was only 7 months and still looked like such a baby! Such a cute lil' monkey!!
Fast forward to this year...Kyle and Keaton carved a pumpkin together and I attempted to roast the pumpkin seeds but ended up burning surprise there!

Friday night we went to his best friend Jacks house for trick-or-treating! I've never seen a cuter dragon and lion!! The daddies took them house to house while us moms stayed to pass out candy. Kyle said the boys weren't sure what was going on but after the second house they figured it out and couldn't wait to get more candy!

Ahhh, after a nights hard work they're ready for a snack!!


Jenny said...

How freakin cute is that!!! Love the dragon outfit!

Kimmie said...

How long did the mask stay on? The two boys looked so darn cute. What a fun night yall had :)