Sunday, November 23, 2008

Big D Trip

This weekend we went to Dallas for our good friend Wendy's wedding. We got there on Friday for the rehearsal dinner and it was so great to see everybody! Wendy's family, Kyle's family, and the Burris' have all grown up together camping and stuff so they're like family to us! Wendy and I were also roommates in college with her sister, Holly, so it was just so much fun to be with the whole gang! We had dinner at her house and then I played Wii for the first time in my life. It was a boxing game and I sucked! I couldn't see what was going on, I just punched and ducked all over the place hoping I was making contact at some point. =) It is a workout though!

Old Roomies!!!
Holly, Wendy, Me

Then Saturday we hung out at the hotel and I kept trying to put Keaton down for his nap (so the ring bearer would be in a good mood for the big event) but the nap just wasn't happening! Naps are almost impossible without a crib to confine him! He kept scooting off the bed and looking at us like we were crazy and he was just ready to play! So he didn't get his nap but of course fell asleep in the car on our way to the wedding. Once we got there we tried to wake him up so he could do his job but he just started crying and needless to say he didn't walk down the aisle. He actually just held onto his Daddy and was asleep throughout the whole ceremony! Then he slept in the bridal room during most of the reception. Later he woke to eat and do a little dancing! =) We just had a great time! Wendy looked beautiful and luckily didn't mind that she didn't have a ring bearer. He's still so young so I warned her when she asked him to do it that something could go wrong so she was prepared for any outcome.

Handsome Ringbearer

Asleep in the bridal room

Kyle, Wendy, Greg, and Yours Truly
Best Kisses EVER!!!
What a Heartbreaker! =)
Bryce (my brother in law), Me, and Kyle
Me and Lauren

Out for the night but still dressed to impress!

I just love weddings! Not only because of the free food, booze, dancing, and good company, but also because every wedding we go to I feel like it's almost a renewal of our vows. Just to hear those powerful words again and be in the presence of such a lifelong commitment brings back memories of my wedding. I just love seeing two people who are in love become one for the rest of their lives. I always leave feeling a little bit closer to my husband and it's as if I'm in the honeymoon stage all over again. =)


Jenny said...

HOW CUTE!!! You are the hubby are absolutely adorable together! And little Keaton, he's getting cuter and cuter daily! Wish you were gonna b in town for Cara's party!!! I MISS U and the little guy!

Kimmie said...

Awww, your last paragraph was so very sweet. You are def one very lucky girl. And you are so right, what a handsome little Ringbearer and soon to be Heartbreaker! "Look out ladies"!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree! I love weddings for that same reason- it feels even more romantic now that I'm married. Keaton is adorable!! He is going to be a major heartbreaker! You look beautiful too- great dress!

Cara said...

You just have the cutest family ever!! I can only imagine how many times Keaton is going to be a ring bearer. :)