Friday, January 13, 2012

Back To Blogging

I have been a VERY BAD BLOGGER!! I am busy with these 3 little kids and when I have a moment I don't really want to try to sit down and type a post, rearrange pictures, all while attempting to be widdy and hold your I was going to quit this blog! But I got online today and started reading all my old posts of Keaton and Karter when they were smaller and I LOVE LOOKING BACK!! So I vow to blog this year and keep up with it! So this blog is mainly for me and a diary of sorts for our family and the things we do! But I also hope you enjoy it too, although I know you're not nearly as into reading about my kids as I am, hehe! I'm excited to get back into it and I have a lot of catching up to do! =)


Kimmie said...

I love reading what all of my friends and their kids are up to. Since we cant see you all the time, its nice to see the kiddos growing and how cute they are getting. Im glad you are back. I wish I had the same enthusiasm. I have been doing a personal pregnancy journal but havent blogged in forever.

Kristin said...

THANKS!! I hope people will start reading it again so I'm glad to know at least you will be! =) You should start blogging again too, I love catching up...even if it's through cyberspace!! =)