Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Introducing Kambry Leah...

Well I think the very best way to get back into blogging is to tell you about Kambry's birth! We were scheduled to come in the night of August 3rd to start Cytotec and then be induced the next morning! Kyle and I have a tradition of going out to eat (the "last supper") before we go into the hospital! So this year we headed to Alamo Drafthouse for dinner and watched Horrible Bosses. After we got out I had a message from the hospital that they were busy and needed us to come in an hour later than scheduled, so that pushed it back to 11:00PM. No big deal, just an hour! My parents live by the hospital so we headed to their house to visit with them and my PawPaw who was in town.
We got to the hospital all giddy and excited, I couldn't wait to hold our new baby girl!! So exciting! There truly is nothing like knowing you're about to meet one of the greatest loves of your life!!

Hooked up and all ready to go!! (Lord what an awful picture!)
I don't know that I really slept at all that night! Kyle snored in the couch next to me...why is it guys can sleep anywhere and fall asleep in a matter of seconds?? So jealous! Anyway, they did 2 rounds of Cytotec and then started Pitocin at 6:40AM. It was a slow morning and by lunch I was just 3-4 cm. I wasn't discouraged, my labors are always pretty slow, I knew I just needed time and things would start happening! At 1:25 my Dr. came in and broke my water which always speeds things up so then I got an epidural an hour after that! Around 4:40 I had that familiar feeling of pressure down there and called the nurse. Sure enough I was 10cm. and ready to push!!

We're ready!!! About to push and meet Kambry!!!
I pushed literally 2 rounds of pushing (each round of contractions was 3 pushes) and out she came! Easiest delivery ever!!!!

Proud Parents!!! We made another beautiful baby together!!

Kambry Leah Kotzebue
After that I felt so amazing! I was so happy she was here and healthy and the delivery was so easy I guess I had a false sense of thinking I was A-OK because shortly after all the family started coming in to take pictures and I was excitedly visiting with everyone I took a turn for the worst and got SUPER nauseous! I was so hungry and they put a burger infront of me and I immediately felt like I was going to puke. I did puke after I had Keaton so I thought I'd feel better soon but I didn't. The nurse offered to give me "magic stuff" to make me feel better before I left for postpartum. I really should have asked her what she was going to give me but instead I trusted her and said sure! What a mistake...she gave me Staydohl which don't get me wrong is a GREAT drug when you're having contractions because it makes you loopy and relaxed during the pain before your epidural but this drug is AWFUL after you've had your baby. I felt so drunk I couldn't stand to get in the wheelchair to go to my room. Once I got to my room I still felt sick and couldn't even stay awake. So while I laid there like this...

Totally passed out (getting a hug from my sis), my kids got to meet their little sister! So sad I was incoherent for that but I did get to watch it on video. =/ They were so excited to meet her and just couldn't get enough of her!!

Keaton is such a great big brother!

Karter giving sissy a BIG squeeze!

Little Sis
At 9:00PM I was crying to the nurse because all I wanted to do was nurse my baby but I felt so sick I just couldn't and they wouldn't give me any pain medicine until I ate and I couldn't do that either so I just cried and went back to sleep. I told them to feed her a bottle of formula for that feeding and then to bring her to me at the midnight feeding hoping that I would feel better and be able to nurse her!
Sure enough at midnight I could eat some Graham Crackers and drink juice and feed my baby! It was kind of nice to lay with my new baby in the middle of the night, watch my hubby sleeping on the couch and it just be us. It was a nice little moment for us and I was so thankful all the nausea was over!!
The next day I was a new woman and couldn't wait for my 2 favorite visitors to come up again!!

Unlike some women I actually LOVE my time at the hospital! No house to clean, laundry to do, meals to make, I just get to lay in bed while everyone comes to visit and order my food over the phone...I LOVE IT! =)
We are so very thankful for Miss Kambry Leah! Once she came out my doctor said, " Oh wow! I'm so glad we took her early, there was a big knot in the cord!". It was already a tight knot and had we not induced that day (10 days early) it could have cut off her oxygen and I don't even want to think about what could have happened! Might think the picture is gross but check out that scary!!

My mom works in the nursery and they have stories like this often that don't have the happy ending that ours did! We're so thankful that Kambry is OK and have enjoyed every second of her! Well almost every second...there are some late nights that I wouldn't describe myself as joyful! HAHA!

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