Thursday, March 26, 2009

Birthday Season!

We have had 3 birthday parties since Saturday (including Keaton's) and he has loved every second of it! Jumping is his favorite thing and moonwalks were involved in all the parties!

Saturday after I finished the cake we headed to Keaton's (second?) cousins birthday party. Cori was turning one and was just the most adorable birthday girl ever! Keaton played inside for the first hour but once he saw the moonwalk it was over and he was in there until we left! =) Jami (Cori's mom and Kyle's cousin) is the only one of her sisters that's not pregnant right now. Melissa is due in July, I'm due in Sept, and the youngest of them, Kristen, is due in October! So fun!! Our Christmas next year is going to be babies galore!! We're jumping from 4 kids in the fam to 7!!

Then Sunday was Mr. Keaton's big day! I couldn't have asked for better weather! The sun was shining and it was a beautiful warm day (but not too hot that you're miserable)! I decorated my parents porch with Lighting McQueen balloons, table clothes, hanging things and of course the plates, napkins, etc. We had a monster truck moonwalk that Keaton pretty much stayed in the entire day. It was so great to see all our friends and family and celebrate my little baby's birthday together!

Happy Birthday to You!!!

He wouldn't put this firetruck down!

Another one of his favorite new toys! Now he's just like Daddy! =)

After the party we just hung out in the backyard and let him play with all his new toys. He was soooo tired but just kept playing. When they came to take down the moonwalk he was so sad. He kept pointing at it saying, "Jump, Jump!!" At 6:35 we gave him big kisses because that was his exact two year birthday! We just love this little guy and can't imagine our lives without him. I'm so excited that we're having another one! It's so hard to imagine another baby in our family but I know once it's here I'll never be able to imagine life without it!

6:35 kisses

We love you more than you'll ever know Mr. Keaton!!!

The party festivities continued yesterday when we went to Inflatable Zone for Logan's 3rd birthday! The kids jumped like crazy and had a blast! I've never seen Keaton sweat so much! Afterwards we went back to their house for chicken nuggets and cake. It's so neat to see Keaton playing with the kids of the same friends that Kyle and I grew up with! We're having a blast! =)


Kimmie said...

I am in love with his little lawnmower. That has to be the cutest thing ever. The second he mowes alongside Kyle, you have to record it and snap pics.
What an eventful wknd. Seems like Mr K had a wonderful bday and Im assuming was worn out after.

Anonymous said...

How fun! I'm so glad you guys are back in Texas so you can enjoy all the birthdays together!
I can't believe how many babies and kids you have in your family and circle of friends... Keaton has got to love being back!