Monday, March 9, 2009

Home Sweet Home

There's no place like home.
There's no place like home.
There's no place like home.

We're Baaaaaaack!!! YIPEE!! Can you tell I am just thrilled!?!! I have never been more excited for heat and humidity in my life! I'm in love with my home town and state so much right now! Everything happened so fast with the move! We got everything packed and cleaned so quickly that we decided to leave on Friday. We didn't announce anything because we wanted to surprise some of our family. We left that morning and drove through Amarillo and stopped at a hotel for the night. I felt sooo excited to arrive in Texas even though we were still many hours from home!It took Keaton a while to fall asleep because he was jumping all over the place after being in the car for so long but he finally did and slept great...
Saturday we got up and started on the rest of the long drive. We stopped in College Station (our home away from home, whoop!) for yummy Freebirds (the BEST burrito place ever!) and then we finished the trip around 4:00. I grabbed Keaton and we snuck in the backdoor of my parents house. My mom had her back to us and when she turned around she just screamed! They were so thrilled and although Keaton was scared from the scream he was still smiling and laughing! My sister, 2 brother in laws, niece and 2 nephews then came over and my sister didn't know we would be in town either. When they pulled on our street Keaton started waving and she practically jumped out of the car as it was still moving! We spent the evening on the back porch letting the kids play while we had some drinks (sparkling wine for me!) and just visited. It's so great to see our boys playing together. Keaton just adores his cousin Breyton who is 5 and they just hugged and hugged and Keaton had the biggest smile on his face! It was also so nice to visit with my niece (who is now almost 17!) in person and just hear what she's been up to and remember those High School days! =)
Sunday night Kyle's parents got in town from the Ranch and when they pulled in the driveway we were standing there waving. His dad was in on it but his mom had no clue and was just thrilled! Monday night we barbecued and spent the evening on the porch again with both of our parents visiting and laughing at Keaton as he entertained us!
Since then we've been busy running errands, unpacking and getting settled in and just hanging out with our family! I must say I am the happiest I've been in so long! Unless we were going camping or skiing, my days in CO were just pretty boring and living so far from everything was getting to me. I love having my family and friends close by now, there's just nothing like it! Keaton has all these people that love him so much here and I'm thrilled that they get to see him whenever they want now! I also love the flat grass and I can just let Keaton play all around the yard and not have to worry about bears, mountain lions, him falling into a ditch of rocks, or slipping on ice! We were stuck inside so many days because of snow that I was racking my brain with ideas to keep him busy. Sadly he watched more TV than he should and every morning he wanted to watch A Bugs Life or Bee Movie. Since we've been here he hasn't watched ANYTHING and I love it! We've just been playing outside all the time and it's great!
He was waving to Mommy before he slid down! =)
The weather has just been beautiful!! It's nice and sunny and warm! I swear the "cool" days here are like the hottest days I ever had in CO. I'm just loving the sun and can't wait to take Keaton swimming in an OUTSIDE pool everyday this summer! =) I keep looking at Kyle with a huge smile on my face and say, "I'm just so happy!" It feels great to be home!!


Melissa said...

Awww that is just too sweet, and once again tears are welling up in my eyes! LOL, dang hormones! I love happy endings!

Tiffany said...

I am getting a little sappy too! It is great that ya'll are back and it sounds like you are going to live it up. Enjoy the warm days, we are fixing to have a "cold" front (highs in the 50s)!! That is probably still beautiful to you.

Joy said...

Can't wait to see you....Victor's/Los Cucos here we all come!!! Love you!!

Kimmie said...

I know I couldnt be happier to have you back and am soooo looking forward to getting together next week. YEAH!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ooooohhh!! I'm so glad you're back! I can't wait to see you! It's so nice to hear how happy you are. Matilde says lunch or dinner next Tuesday... I'm opting for dinner since I just made a hair appointment! Whoooo hoooo! I can't wait!!!!

Roni said...

So glad you are home!!! Can't wait till you move to Firethorne (you are, aren't you?)...there are still some available on Daystrom!

When things settle down for yall, we will have you all over for dinner and playtime!