Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Say Cheese!

Last week I took Keaton to get professional photos done for his "2 year pics". I had JC Penny (blah!) do them when he was 6 months and then my personal photographer, Cara, took some of him when he was 8 months so I really wanted and needed to get new ones! So far I haven't seen all the proofs yet but the first 4 samples that she finished are posted if you'd like to see a little preview: Mindy Harmon

Mindy is so fantastic! She was so great with Keaton, playing with him and making him laugh! She also lets the kiddos take snack/juice breaks and stuff so they don't get bored. I highly recommend her if you are anywhere near the Houston area (she's based out of the Woodlands). If you do see her you have to tell her I sent you! =)

I had brought the cutest pair of converse shoes for him to wear with his overalls but I could NOT get those suckers on his fat feet!! I knew they were his size because I had tried on the high top converse in that size so I just assumed the slip on converse would fit the same but no! We tried for literally 15 min to get those shoes on him and after I finally got the right one on, the left just wouldn't cooperate so he went barefoot the whole time. Mindy was shocked that Keaton allowed us to work that long on his shoes without having a fit but I informed her that this kid LOVES shoes!! I think he wanted them on just as badly as we did!!
I'm so excited to see the rest of the pictures!! I do wish his hair was a little shorter but let's just say when I took him in to get it cut about a week before the pictures were taken it didn't go so well!! He was screaming his head off so much that you would have thought we were abusing him! The lady did a little snip here and there but she couldn't get much and I think we all had had enough! =) Why do kids hate getting their haircut? He did fine when he was really little, I don't get it!

I will leave you with the shots that Cara took of Keaton when he was 8 months. She did way better than JC Penny! The pics she took have always been some of my favorites of Mr. Keaton! I see a bright future for her in that industry if she wanted to pursue it!! =)

Haha, I just realized that Keaton is wearing the exact same Aggie jersey in these pictures that he's wearing in his 2 year pics!! Fits differently (obviously) but it worked for both ages! I think I need to invest in some new Aggie gear for him! Whoop!!!!! =)


Kimmie said...

From Mindys pics, I love the 4th one where he is sitting in the chair. He is like a little gentleman leaving room for you to squeeze in with him. And could his smile BE any more perfect?
Great job chica. I cant wait to see the rest of the pics yall had done.

Tiffany said...

We tried to do one month pictures at JCP for Austin and have not been back since! All of his pictures (2 year and 8 month) are so cute!!

Melissa said...

I like the fire truck one the best! But they are all VERY good! I will need her number one of these days! LOL, they are great!

Rachel Buckley said...

I LOVE his new pics--and the old ones too! They melt my heart...

Cara said...

He is just such a doll!! He is easily the most photogenic baby on the planet! :)