Thursday, March 19, 2009

My Lil' Boy

I had to go buy Keaton some shorts and sandals because all he had was jeans and boots which just wasn't appropriate for this warm weather! He LOVES his sandals! I'm not kidding when I tell you he wont let us take them off! He's slept in them for the last two nights. Now I know I'm the parent and if I really cared about it that much I would make him take them off but really what does it hurt? Once you have kids you learn you have to pick your battles and if the boy wants to sleep in his shoes that's fine with me! =) He did take them off today for a while because after we left from our delicious lunch at The Cheesecake Factory he spotted a fountain outside that he wanted to sit by and splash his feet in. He kept trying to turn and submerge his whole body in the water but momma wouldn't let that happen, it's not that hot yet and the water is gross! =)

I can't believe my baby turns 2 years old this Sunday!! I've been preparing all week for his birthday party and I'm so excited!!! Last year we had been living in CO for just about a month when he turned one and we really missed being able to share that day with all our family so I'm really excited that everyone gets to be there this year! The theme is of course CARS and I have never done this before but for some reason I've got a "wild hair" and have decided to decorate his cake on my own. I bought a Lightening McQueen cake pan and I plan on decorating it tomorrow with the help of my mom! She used to do them for us when we were little and although she hasn't done one in about 20 or more years I'm hoping she remembers the basics! I figure if I do it tomorrow I'll have time to go buy a cake if mine turns out a disaster because the party isn't until Sunday. =) Wish me luck and I'll be sure to post pictures of my masterpiece, good or bad!!


Roni said...

I made that cake for Caden's third bday...if i can do it, ANYONE Can!!!

Can't wait to see you...I can't believe my 2nd child is turning 3 next week....Doesn't it make you sad and proud and happy all at the same time?

Melissa said...

LOL too funny about the shoes AND the cake! I really can't wait for all those special memories! I catch myself talking to him/her all the time now, its funny! I think we have narrowed down some names now too! BOY - Braden James, GIRL - LOL...not super set, but almost there, we like Gracie Paige, Lyla Paige, Ryleigh Paige, or Ryleigh Nikole, I also like the name Summer bc she of course would be born this "summer"! Anyway, good luck on the cake! I definitely want to see some pictures!

Tiffany said...

Happy Birthday Keaton!! I can't wait to see pics of his Lightning McQueen cake (one of Austin's favorites as well). He is going to have a great time in the fountain at La Centerra and all the splash pads around Katy as the weather gets warmer!

Kimmie said...

Hope the cake turned out well. Anticipating lots and lots of pics :) Really enjoyed seeing you and K man friday night for dinner. Lets do that more often!!!