Thursday, May 21, 2009

21 Weeks 5 Days...

Today we had our doctor appointment and an ultrasound!! I'm always so excited for our appointments and then when you have an ultrasound along with it, it's just the icing on the cake!! Everything looked perfect! The baby is doing great and looked just adorable on that screen! It was playing with its hands and sticking out its tongue! It's just too cute!! The tech said everything looked beautiful and afterwards I said again, "Well I still don't want to know the sex but do you know?" and she happily said, "OF COURSE I DO!!!" and started laughing. =) It's weird to watch my baby on the screen and know that I could know what it is right then and there but we are sticking to our guns and we really don't want to know! It is going to be soooo exciting!! I can't wait! =)
Looking straight at baby's face...
(its hand is up by its face too)

Profile and perfect spine! =)

So cute, I just want to kiss it!!

Today's belly pic.

The famous belly bumping. =)


Rachel Buckley said...

gosh you're cute!

oh, and the baby is too! my money is still on a girl!!!

Tiffany said...

So very cute!! Ultrasound appointments are the best and you got some great pictures.

Stephanie said...

You didnt even look pregnant on Saturday when I saw you! (of course I knew, but you couldnt tell!) These pics show your cute lil belly!!
Kudos to you for sticking with your decision...that is going to be so fun to find out!

Melissa said...

where did you get your maternity shorts? yours look cute. its hard for me to find shorts especially now with more weight, that i feel comfortable in.

your tummy is too cute! i'm glad ur ultrasound went have more willpower than i would have. id be searching all over while she was looking around to see if i could peak at something! lol!

Kimmie said...

You and Lil K are too stinkin cute with the belly bumping, haha. I hope he knows it will only get better as the belly gets bigger :)
So happy to hear the appt went well and baby is perfect!!!!

Dirk & Christina Dunlap said...

Hey Kristen,

We have been in Singapore almost 8 months on our 3 year contract. I tend to blog stalk people, sorry, but I have alot of time on my hands. Congrats on #2! I would totally wait till delivery to see the sex as well, so FUN! AND welcome back to Texas! I laughed when you said you house stalk your old house... I did the same thing when visiting, we still own our house but it is still awkward because we have renters... haha! Hope all is well!