Friday, May 29, 2009

We Shall Call You...

OK so I'm pretty sure we've got our names set for the new baby! We've actually always had our girl name set, although I did flirt with the idea of Kinley for a little bit after I heard it on Greys Anatomy once, but we just couldn't imagine not naming our little girl the one name we've had picked out since we were in college. So without further ado, if we have a baby girl her name will be

Kambrey Lynn

Lynn is after Kyle's Pawpaw, Audice Lynn, and his mom, Debbie Lynn. It just so happens my sister is Carrie Lynn so I love that it's a family name from both of our families!

Now the boy name was a little harder! First we couldn't decide if we wanted to stick with the letter K or not and in the end we decided to not because there was few K names we agreed on. Actually there was only one...Kolby. I also liked Karter but Kyle didn't like spelling that with a K. He thought it was trying to hard for all K's or would be something you'd do if you were going to name a girl Carter. I couldn't argue with him there because I had actually mentioned that I thought it was cute for a girl. So anyway, we then ventured out and thought of names that start with other letters and our top 4 names were: Kolby, Carter, Jackson, or Grady. My mind changed daily and I really wasn't sure at all! I kept asking Keaton for fun which name he liked but of course he gave me nothin', that is until last weekend! Memorial Day weekend we were talking about how we didn't have a boy name yet and I looked at Keaton and said, "Keaton what should we name your little brother?" and he goes, "Ummmm" PAUSED and then said, "Cart-er". It was the cutest thing and I was shocked! It wasn't like I had just told him the names again, he just said it! Kyle and I both decided that it was just too cute to pass up and what a great story to tell Carter (if it's a boy!) one day!! So there you have it, if it's a boy the name will be

Carter Ray

Ray is after my daddy, Gary Ray, so I couldn't be more proud to pass that name along! =)

This wasn't the original "naming of the baby moment" but just as cute!


Stephanie said...

I love both of the names!!! So adorable!
(my middle name is Ray too!)
The videoa of Keaton are so stinking cute too!!

Kimmie said...

What awesome videos. So glad he loves the camera, haha. Both names are gorgeous. Travis and I had Kambry at the top of our list but since you claimed it, we will have to come up with something else :) Great minds things a like, haha.

LV said...

OH, I love both of those names! GOOD JOB! and Keaton is so cute, I was watching the video this morning and he said bye camera, well Aidan heard in the backround and now he's saying it! So funny.

Melissa said...

I loveee the names! I've been without internet for a week now while our offices moved, so I'm just now getting to read blogs again! I just love all the Memorial Day pictures, and now the names that yall came up with! I can't wait to find out what you are having!

Cara said...

OHHHH, I just LOVE both names! And Keaton is just the cutest little kiddo ever. "Car-ter" :)

P and I have our names all picked out, but they're top secret! :)