Thursday, May 7, 2009

Weird To Think...

that if I hadn't miscarried last September I would of had the baby by now! My due date was May 5th and due to the size kids my family delivers we're usually always induced early so who knows what the actual due date would have been but regardless, I would of had the baby by now. I still love that little angel and think about it often but believe me, I know it was all in God's hands! He has now blessed us with a healthy little boy or girl that we will meet this coming September so I'm not sitting here sad, it's just weird to think about! =)

On another note...who knew preschool was so competitive?? I decided to sign Keaton up for preschool twice a week next year at our church and they're full! He's number 33 on the waiting list! CRAZY! Apparently people started talking about it Nov 08 and then registered in February!! If we had been here we would of had first dibs since we're church members, but since we weren't we are now number 33 on the list so it doesn't look like we'll be getting in! I don't really care though. I'm a firm believer in what's meant to be will happen so if we get a call that there's a spot for him then great and it's in Gods plan for him to start school. If we don't get a spot then he just wasn't meant to start immediately and we'll just see if something opens up throughout the school year or just start when he's 3 instead! It will work out! =)
19 Weeks 4 Days
The pregnancy is going great! I'm feeling the baby move daily now and I LOVE it!! Kyle still hasn't gotten to feel it yet because of course it stops whenever he has his hands on my belly but I know it will happen soon enough! He didn't get to feel Keaton until I was 21 weeks so we have about a week or two until then. I'll be 20 weeks, HALF WAY, this Sat!!! So exciting!


Tiffany said...

I remember that feeling. Where you are supposed to have a new baby in your arms, but you don't. Luckily you are at least pregnant now, so that makes it easier. We decided to wait after our miscarriage and didn't get pregnant until a few months after I would have had him/her.

Preschools are crazy to get into in Katy, but like you said, it will work out as God intends.

Your bump is so little and cute!

Cara said...

Ohhhhh, I just love your little baby belly! And I can't WAIT to see it next weekend! :)

Oh, I'm making a few team shirts you need me to make one for you? Some girls are making their own (we are using the same design as last year) but I'd be happy to make one for you!

Melissa said...

You are sooo little! I can't believe that! It really goes to show how everyone's body are completely different!

And, unfortunately, I have to go back to work after 6 weeks leave, but I had the same problem with finding a daycare! Luckily, although there is a waiting list at Tigerland Daycare, she said she will get me in at the end of October when I go back to work. sheww!

Kimmie said...

Happy Early Mothers Day chica! Loving the baby belly! Sounds like things are going great with the baby. So glad to hear that. You are right, who would have thought pre-school would be so competitive? Hopefuly something opens up for you. Until then, your teacher enough for him :) Looking forward to seeing you next wknd.

Christy said...

You look so adorable!!!!

Happy Mother's Day Kristin. I hope it's filled with joy and sunshine all day long. :)