Thursday, April 9, 2009

Isn't That MY House???

Every time I came home to visit from Colorado I would drive by our old house and stare for a while. We're still friends with all our neighbors that live by that house so occasionally I'm on the cul-de-sac for a real reason, like visiting friends, rather than just being a house stalker!

Today I was in that area with Keaton and decided my "drive by" was well overdue! I turned onto the street and noticed the garage door to OUR house was opening so I couldn't do the usual (where I stop in front of the house and just sit and stare) because that would just be weird with them right there. So instead I did a very slow turn around on the cul-de-sac all the while staring at the house and looking at what they had done with the inside of the garage, etc.

I felt like I should have pulled up in the driveway and just said, "OK, we're back, time for yall to go!" I still feel like that is MY house and we just let them live in it for a while. Kyle and I picked that floor plan, that lot, chose the brick color, the tile color, the backsplash, the carpet, laid the sod down throughout the HUGE get the picture! We had barbeque's, holiday get- togethers, watched my belly grow and then brought our first son home from the hospital to that house! That house means so much to me!

I remember the last day we owned it I walked through each empty room and just cried! I cried because I could visualize Keaton crawling down our entry and all the other memories I had of him as a baby in that house. I eventually got over it and knew we'd make new memories somewhere else but still, that house will always be my favorite and mean so much to me!

So although I'm aware that the house is no longer ours, it will always be to me in a way and I plan to continue my "drivebys"! =)

Bringing Keaton home from the hospital with a big "Its A Boy" sign on the garage!

The last picture of us in his (empty) room.

Bye, Bye house!! (It was actually SOLD, not just For Sale, by this pic)

FYI- it was only on the market for 5 days,'s that great! =)


Cara said...

I loved your old house and it makes me sad to think of someone else living there! :( Your next house will be wonderful too though!

Rachel Buckley said...

what a BEAUTIFUL home! you'll find one just as wonderful!