Thursday, April 30, 2009

Swine Flu and a Fender Bender

I am so sick of hearing about the Swine Flu! In the beginning I really thought the media needed to shut up because we all know whether they're talking about the weather or an outbreak they really know how to exaggerate. So I was irritated thinking this was not as big a deal as they were making it but now I don't want to go anywhere! Actually I don't want to take Keaton anywhere! I just heard about the toddler that was recently at the Galleria and he just died from the Swine Flu at Texas Children's Hospital! So now I'm washing our hands and being cautious about it like the rest of the country! Stay well people!!

Even though I second guess taking Keaton anywhere public (like a mall, etc) I did take him to Pump It Up today to get some energy out and jump around! The weather has been yuck and we've been inside all week so I wanted him to be able to run and play. On our way I was stopped at a red light for about 2 min when all of a sudden, BAM, I got rear ended! I got out and told the guy to follow me into a nearby parking lot so we could exchange information. I was so annoyed! It's not like I came to an abrupt stop, I had been stopped for minutes so he just wasn't paying attention. What made me more annoyed was that he just kept smiling and laughing as if this was funny. He was a Japanese man who barely spoke English so trying to talk to him got old too. That's what made me decide to call the cops so they would have it documented that it was his fault because I felt like he wasn't understanding a word I said and if I didn't have a witness he might not pay for the damages. The cop was very nice and said I did the right thing. Luckily, besides my sore neck, everyone was OK and it really wasn't a big deal, just irritating! =) Buckle up!


Melissa said...

ohmigosh me too! did you hear about the 3 schools in northwest houston are shut down until further notice bc there have been two reports of students being diagnosed with the swine flu! it makes me apprehensive now bc its so much closer to home now. i keep telling james wash your hands when your at work.

i'm sorry to hear about your fender bender, those are always annoying and NO fun! at least the weekend is almost here and the sun should be coming out for a couple of days! :)

Kimmie said...

So glad to hear you are ok chica. You def did the right thing ball calling the cops.
I hear you on the swine flu bit. I was annoyed at first but once I walked into the ER with people blowing chunks everywhere, I became a tad paranoid.

Tiffany said...

And now did you hear that Fort Worth Closed their school system because of the Swine Flu? It is crazy!

I hope that you are okay. Did you have your neck looked at?