Wednesday, April 8, 2009

You Know You Want To...

Many of you know about my friend, Cara, who has Cystic Fibrosis but let me tell you a little more! First of all if you were to meet her you would never know she was living with a disease! She is always smiling, laughing (I can actually hear her laugh in my head when I see a picture of her giggling!) and lives her life to the fullest! Cara and I met in 6th grade when we started Jr. High and became great friends. Most of my favorite memories consist of slumber parties, swimming in her pool, good ole' Jr. High dance parties, and I do recall a spaghetti fight or two! Now my times with Cara are mostly spent online since we live in different states but we do get to have the occasional dinner out or a bowling extravaganza when she is in town! We also get together for the annual Great Strides walk which I'm really looking forward to! Not only do we get to walk, talk, catch up, and act silly but we also raise money for Cara and the thousands of other CFers so that we can find a cure!! It feels really good and I know you want that warm, fuzzy feeling too! =)

The average CFer lives to be 37 and Cara is 27. Can you imagine? That is just unacceptable! They really are making advancements everyday to get close to finding a cure and the future for CFers is looking up! The walk is in May and that is really sneaking up on me! I need to get busy if I want to reach my goal! Please donate as little or much as you can to help find a cure!

You can CLICK HERE to make your donation.

What a difference it would make if everyone that read this just donated $5!! Thanks again, I appreciate it more than you know!! Help CF stand for Cure Found!!!!!

Here's the new 2009 video for Cara and our team...Watch it! =)


Cara said...

I love you!!

Rachel Buckley said...

you're such a wonderful and thoughtful friend!