Thursday, July 9, 2009

5 Year Anniversary!

***UPDATE: OK let me clarify something...When I posted this I really did think that it was July 10th already and that it really was my anniversary. I have a good excuse, I promise! See tomorrow is our actual anniversary but Kyle is in one of our friends weddings so we have rehearsal and rehearsal dinner that evening and then the wedding Saturday night. So our anniversary is pretty booked! Because of that we've been planning for months to celebrate today, Thursday! So that is why my dear friends I posted this today thinking it really was my anniversary because in my head it is since today is when we're celebrating. Make sense? =) ***

5 years ago today I walked down the isle and said, "I do" to my hubby! These 5 years have been amazing and I'm even more in love with Kyle today! It's so funny how you have no idea what the future brings! While we were engaged we started building a house in Pearland that we thought we'd live in for about 5 years, hahahaha! We all know that didn't happen! We lived in Pearland for a year and once Kyle got a new job we decided to move back home to K-town. We built a house here that we figured we'd live in for about 10 years or so but only lived there for 2 1/2 years before we sold it and left for Colorado! Then we figured we'd be in Colorado for 2 years but again we were wrong and after a year we're back home! The Lord is amazing and you just never know what he has in store for you! We've made so many amazing memories in each home and I wouldn't change any of it! Now I am very excited to see what God has in store for us next! When will our CO house sell and where will our next home be? It's very exciting!

I always wondered if we would have boys or girls and now we have a beautiful little boy who means everything to us with another surprise on the way! We are so blessed and I am so thankful! Each experience has made Kyle and I closer and I love him so much! He's the first person I want to talk to whether it be to share some happy, exciting news or talk about something that has made me upset. He's my best friend, a loving husband and amazing father! Happy Anniversary Baby!!!! MUAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Our Wedding Day! July 10, 2004
One Year Anniversary at the Aquarium in Kemah.
2 Year Anniversary: we headed to Skyline at the downtown Hilton.
3 Year Anniversary: we went to Rainbow Lodge for dinner.
4 Year Anniversary @ Christinas in Durango, CO.

5 Year Anniversary pics will be my next post! We don't have any huge plans but I always love a dinner date with my baby! He told me he actually started planning last year to take me to NY as a surprise for our 5 year because that's the one city I really want to visit but then I got knocked up and baby budget went into full force so NY will have to wait for another year! Plus he figured I wouldn't want to be preggo when I do finally get to NY which is so true! =)


Stephanie said...

Happy 5th Anniversary!!!
Hope you both have a wonderful day!!

Kristin said...

I just realized Kyle is wearing the same shirt in year 3 and 4! haha, I'll have to make sure he doesn't wear that shirt tonight! =)

Rachel Buckley said...

awwwww, congrats! y'all are such a beautiful couple!

Queenie said...

Happy Anniversary love! I miss you guys! Congrats on 5 years... that is amazing! Love yall!

Kimmie said...

5 years filled with happiness. It makes me smile to see what amazing things God has really done in your life. Happy Anniversary chica.

Melissa said...

So, much fun! Our 1 year married anniversary is coming up next weekend and we are going to Perry's Steakhouse! I can't wait! Anyway, I hope yall had a lovely 5 year anniversary, and many many more to come! Congrats!

P.S. - I need to get to bloggin'....I've just been so busy lately training my cousin for when I'm gone from work, etc, but I have SOOOO much to catch up on! shewww!