Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

We have been very busy around here but we're enjoying it! It's amazing how much our schedule has changed since returning back home! We never had any plans in CO unless it was renting a movie or making big plans to go camp or ski but our social calendars were pretty bleak. Not anymore and we couldn't be happier to be here for these amazing times with friends and family!

Thursday Kyle and I celebrated our 5th Anniversary and had a great time together! We went to a delicious dinner and then went to La Centera where they had a jazz band playing as we enjoyed our Cold Stone ice cream! YUM! I got cake batter ice cream and it is some of the best stuff I've ever put in my mouth! =) I love my hubby so much and we had a great time!

Friday we went to our friends Justin and Ashley's rehearsal/rehearsal dinner. It was so good to see them and other friends and we're so excited for them and their new lives together!

On Saturday the 3 of us went to see our friends, Kendall and Alex's son Harrison get baptised. It was a beautiful ceremony and we're so happy for baby Harrison to be surrounded by Christians that love him and will help him grow in faith!

The wedding was beautiful that night! I loved Ashely's hair, dress, and can I say that her cake was the most stunning wedding cake I've ever seen! =) It was all beautiful and we just couldn't be happier for our friends who are now husband and wife!

Doesn't do it justice but it was gorgeous!

These boys are hilarious when they get together, love them all!

Julie, Me, Nanci, and Cari

Us with Chris and Holly

Keaton had a weekend full of firsts...while we were at the wedding he had his first slumber party with his cousins, Breyton and Brody! Brody is still a little to young to partake but the other 2 boys popped popcorn and watched Bolt, then slept on a pallet on the floor together. They had a blast and already can't wait to do it again! Sunday was a really exciting day for me because we took Keaton to the movie theatre for the very first time! We brought Breyton along with us and they both loved it! Keaton was amazed by the size of the screen and the loud noise. I was such a dorky mom and took pictures of everything from standing in line for refreshments, sitting in the seats, to the movie sign! =) When we first walked in the theatre the previews had already started and you heard Keaton say, "Wow, cool man!". It was too cute! We had a wonderful family outing and I can't wait to take him to see Toy Story 3 in October! =) Oh and that is a Miller hat you will see my 2 year old wearing, courtesy of Uncle Cody (yeah, thanks for that!). Keaton LOVES hats right now and since Breyton wore his hat Keaton had to have one too. Of course that was the only hat they had left and once it was on it wasn't coming off! =)

This picture cracks me up (even though the right side is blurry!)! Keaton is just in a trance and couldn't even get the popcorn. And no, I didn't take pics throughout the movie, these were just during previews! =)

Afterwards with candy all over his shirt!


So I don't bore you too much in one post, I'll save pregnancy updates for another time but I will say that everything is looking good and little C/Karter is moving CONSTANTLY!!! Love it! =)


Stephanie said...

Is that Chris Carr in that picture?!?!
What a great update!! Looks like you have all been having a great few weeks!!
I love to be busy and surrounded by friends and family too!!

Melissa said...

Sounds wonderful!