Friday, July 24, 2009

The Bachelorette and Other Stuff!

OK so I said in my last TV post how I was sad that Reid was gone and even hoped that MAYBE he would come back but then retracted that saying it was wishful thinking and too much drama. Apparently I had forgotten that this was reality TV we're talking about here and there's no such thing as "too much drama"! Did you happen to watch the previews for the season finale coming up on Monday??? Did you see who shows up with a ring?? REID!!!!! =) I'm so excited, my wish came true! hehe!! I would love for her to pick him but my prediction is going to be Ed...blah!! So I can't wait until Monday night to watch what happens! Ahhh, I love this show! =)

Keaton found one of my old dolls in the closet yesterday and started carrying it around saying it was his baby. It was the cutest thing and he was so good to it. He's going to be an amazing big brother! He rocked it in his arms and would say, "love!". When it was nap time he said, "baby sleep too!" and tucked it in and gave it a kiss goodnight. Then later he said it had a boo boo and gave it's boo boo a kiss. It was just too cute to watch and I think it will be great for him to pretend with his baby while mommy holds her new baby! I don't look at this as if my son is playing with dolls, oh son is practicing to be a big brother! Plus the doll is a boy so it's not too bad! =)

Last update... Scentsy is going GREAT! I hosted another party last night and had so much fun! I'm really just loving selling this amazing product! It's so easy to enjoy selling something when you truly like the product you're selling! Remember if you're interested in buying products, hosting a party, or becoming a consultant go to my website or feel free to contact me with any questions! I actually just purchased some Scentsy Marketing Basics Kits that I'm giving away free to people who sign up from my website to start a business and become a consultant! The kit is a great way to immediately start marketing and making business so sign up while they last! =)


Kimmie said...

I watch the Bachelorette each week but must have missed THAT preview but am soooo excited now. I loved him too. I just dont like that Ed came back and knocked everyone else out. Blah! It would be wonderful if she said yes to Reid but it might be wishful thinking for us. Is tonight the finale? I sure hope so :)

Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday girl!!! Hope you are having a a GREAT day!
What did you think about the bachelorette last night? I'm looking forward to the after show tonight!!