Thursday, July 30, 2009

Birthday, Baby, and Bachelorette!!

Birthday: Well on Tuesday, July 28th, I turned the big 27 years old! =) It's funny to think that the first birthday I spent with Kyle was when I turned 16, that's 11 years ago people!!! CRAZY!!

The day was a beautiful, hot one and I went to La Centerra with Keaton, my mom, and mother in law to shop around and then have lunch at Panera Bread. It was a lot of fun and then that evening we went to Los Cucos with our families. It's always great to all be together so I loved talking and laughing with everyone and I got some great gifts too!! From gift cards, to shoes, to books, to house decor, I love it all!! My hubby gave me my new Storksak diaper bag that I've been wanting and I just love it!!
I must say the best gift that I got was a flower Keaton had picked from outside and his version of "Happy Birthday". I've never heard him attempt to sing it so I was pretty impressed and it melted my heart! The first time he sang it, DeeDee (my mother in law) thought she was recording but she wasn't so this is when she asked him to do it a second (or was it third) time for the camera. Still just as cute but by this time he was a little distracted by his puzzle! =)

Next is an ecore version where he's looking right at the camera instead of at Mommy!
Thank you all so much for making my birthday special!!

I need to get all the birthday pics from DeeDee, this was the only one I took. She has the good ones with the sombrero and all that! =) I'll have to post those later! hehe!

Baby: The baby is doing great! I still can't get over how low this one is sitting compared to Keaton who was up in my chest, and how much this one moves! It's just crazy and so fun to sit and watch my stomach move all over the place! Last Tuesday, at the doctor, my belly was measuring a week ahead and everything looked great. I've been going to the doctor every 2 weeks and it will soon be every week!! I can't believe it! I'm so excited to find out if this will be a little boy or girl! My mind changes all the time! The baby is about 16 inches long now and weighs about 4 lbs. My wonderful friends, Jaimie and JoDee, gave me a baby shower on Sunday and it was so nice! It was wonderful to see so many friends and celebrate Baby C/Karter!! We got some great gifts that will really help us out once baby arrives!! Thanks so much to everyone, it meant a lot having you there!

Jaimie, Me, and JoDee...thanks ladies!!!

Kristel, Jaimie, Candyce, Me, and JoDee

Bachelorette: OK so I was right...she picked Ed. I'm still not very fond of him but you could tell from many episodes ago that he was going to be the one she picked! They really seem to love eachother and you could totally see that a while back, I just tried to think positive that maybe, just maybe, the obvious one wouldn't be chosen. I still just love Ried! I love that he came back! I like how he puts his forehead on hers and just looks at her, and then when he hugs her he buries his head by her neck like he never wants to let go, you can tell he loves her and he's just so sweet! Ahhhh, I think I have a crush! =)


The Siegert Family said...

OMG that was the cutest thing ever!! Keaton is sooo adorable!! and you look beautiful pregnant. You always have

Tiffany said...

Happy belated birthday!!

Kimmie said...

I still cant believe how far you are along with baby C/Karter already. Crazyness! I absolutely loved Ks bday song to you. He always makes me laugh.

And yah, I now she seems to love Ed but I just didnt want him to win. She looked like she had so much more fun with Ried. UGH! And the things you love about him are the things I loved to. And how silly they acted together. Lets just hope this one actually ends in a marriage. I think they are like 1 for 20 or something, haha.