Tuesday, August 4, 2009

From The Mouth Of A Babe...

Going to the deer lease and ranch is absolute heaven for Mr. Keaton! He loves being outside, loves riding in the tractor, ranger, and jeep and just has a blast helping daddy fill feeders and all that fun stuff! So this last weekend we went to the deer lease and he had a blast like he always does. The second I told him we were going he was so excited!! I didn't take any pictures (I always take pictures, don't ask me why none were taken, what a horrible mother!) but Keaton said some things that made all of us laugh and I never want to forget those little moments so here they are:

Keaton sneezed and Mrs. Berger said, "God bless you!" to which Keaton says, "Your Welcome!" =)

When Kyle took him out on the jeep they checked the corn feeders and a raccoon was caught in a trap they had left out to catch them from eating all the corn. Keaton walked up to the dead coon and pointed at it and asked daddy, "That cat sleeping?".

When they got back from their ride he said, "Tanks daddy jeep ride!" (thanks daddy for the jeep ride!)

If he sees one of Kyle's guns he puts his arms out in front of him with his hands up as if to say STOP and says, " We don't touch daddy's guns!".

He slept with daddy that night and that next morning Kyle had woken up and sneezed and Keaton just popped up in bed and yelled, "Enough sleep, jeep more!!". Kyle started cracking up! He must have dreamt about the jeep all night or something! =)

These little quotes probably aren't as entertaining to you as they are to us but man, he just cracks me up and if you don't write this stuff down, it's so easy to forget and forget is something I don't want to do! I cherish these moments! I can't wait for the many memories we'll make with Keaton at the lease and ranch, so fun!


Stephanie said...

How cute! I love that I wrote down stuff that Landon said too..its so hard to remember the cute things!!

Melissa said...

Thats TOO funny... "that cat sleepin'"