Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Shower #2

Catching sweet sister in law, Amanda, threw me a wonderful shower at her house with the help of her mom and my mother in law. It was a family shower (with a few close family friends that are like family) and it was wonderful! I loved having all my family from my side and Kyle's side all there at once and we had a great time together!

There was a "station" to decorate your own onesie for baby K/Carter which was fun. Mine looked like poo because I am NOT very creative but some of the other people produced some pretty cute ones! =) Then we had to smell the baby food jars and guess what was in them, guess the size of my belly and played a baby gender wives tale game. We're still clueless on the sex and my mind changes all the time! I really thought girl through most of the pregnancy just because my symptoms have been different and I'm carrying differently but now that it's getting closer I'm just thinking boy!! We'll see! I can't wait!

I'm so thankful to my family for coming to town for my shower, I had such a great time and got some great gifts for the baby! Thanks everyone!!
Me with my lovely hostesses
32 Weeks

Amie, Me, and beautiful sisters!

Me and my cousin who is due 4 weeks after me with baby Dylan!

Me with my Grandma and Mom. =)


The Siegert Family said...

you look absolutley fabulus and Im saying its a girl. he he

Rachel Buckley said...

how sweet! and I agree--you do look incredibly fabulous! (and really tan!)

I know I say this a lot...but it's definitely a girl. there shall be no more questioning about it. the end.

JoDee Hale said...

What cute shower ideas! I bet your onsie wasn't that poopish!
It seems the crowd is thinking girl... but I think boy! Of course, before you found out with Keaton, I was thinking girl, so maybe I'll be wrong again and you'll get your girl! :)

Melissa said...

awww so much fun! not too much longer!