Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Best "Tuesday 10" EVER!

OK so I know it's really Wednesday 10 but you get the picture...

10 Things Going On With Me Lately...

10. Peeing A LOT!
9. Headaches.
8. Very tired.
7. Sore boobs. (sorry boys)
6. Strong sense of smell.
5. Moody
4. Sensitive- I cry at the drop of a hat!
3. Did I say peeing A LOT!?!
2. Oh, and sore boobs. =)
1. I'm pregnant!!!!

YAY!!!! We are so excited!! I actually took the test on January 18th and it went straight to two very clear lines! We of course were so overjoyed but also nervous because of the miscarriage that happened with our last pregnancy.

I went to the doctor on Tuesday, Jan 27th and had an ultrasound and some blood work done. During the ultrasound they could see a sac but no baby or heartbeat so she figured it was probably too early. The blood work came back the next day and my hCG was great but progesterone was only 17 and it should usually be around 20. So Thursday the 29th I had my blood work done again to make sure my levels were increasing. My hCG had gone up which is great and means its a viable pregnancy but my progesterone had gone down to 15 (miscarriage usually occurs around 10). So they prescribed me some progesterone and I've been taking that twice a day for the last two weeks and everything has been great!

I actually can tell a huge difference in this pregnancy versus the one that we miscarried. This time ALL of the symptoms are there and last time I really didn't feel anything at all so I think that's a great sign!

Jan 18th Test

We kept it a secret since the levels were a concern and we figured we'd just wait until after our next doctors appointment to make sure everything was OK. So we went in today and everything looks great! We saw our little blob and it's heart flickering away! What a miracle life is, it's just so amazing! It's heart rate was 160 and my due date is Sept 26th!! Keep us in your prayers, we're so excited!
Cletus the Fetus!! =)

That at the bottom is showing the heartbeat. The blob is our little baby. The head is at the right and butt and legs toward the left! =) You see that right? haha!


John Paul and Rachel Buckley said...

yay! I am so incredibly happy for you--praying for a healthy and safe pregnancy!

love you!

Jenny said...

I am SOOOOO INCREDIBLY EXCITED FOR YOU GUYS!!!!! Yea!!! I knew it would happen again, I am so happy it happened so soon! You guys are great parents and make adorable babies! Can't wait to see this one!!

Anonymous said...

SOOOOOOO excited!!!! Can't wait to see the next little Kotzebue. Even though we have known since the beginning we are elated with the good news today!!! We love you and can't wait to see our next little grandchild. #6!!How blessed are we?? Kisses and hugs
Mom & Dad

Melissa said...

Ugh finally! I am soooo glad I don't have to keep my mouth shut anymore! Lol! To one hormonal mommy to the next my eyes literally swelled up with tears reading your blog. I'm so happy for yall!! We must have play dates!

Roni said...

YIPPEE!!!! Such a fun season to have a baby (We both have fall and spring babies)!!

Keaton will be such a wonderful big brother.

Cara said...

I love you!!! I am SO SO SO happy for you guys!! I have been praying for baby #2 daily and I knew He would bless you with another baby! He is so good!!

Just so you know, we're not telling anyone that we're pregnant for at least 3 months after we find out. We're too high risk! :)

Cara said...

And can I just tell you how awesome I think it is that you called your new bundle of joy "Cletus the fetus" and "the blob"?! You rock. :)

Christy said...

I found you through Cara's blog! I'm so excited for you guys! It sounds like everything is going well. :) It will be so much fun following you through your pregnancy. I look forward to the updates. It's been over 13 years since I found out I was pregnant with my daughter, but it seems like yesterday. You never forget that wonderful feeling. :)

Krystyn said...


(I came over from Cara's blog..but I'm wondering if we went to school together...MCHS?)

Joy said...

Kristin!!!! I am SO, SO excited for you and Kyle!!! Love and miss you...can't wait to meet this little one!!!

Tiffany said...

HOORAY!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! You will be home (in Katy) when this little one comes right? So excited for you and the family.

Suzzy said...

CONGRATULATIONS! So happy for you!

LV said...

CONGRATULATIONS! I'm so happy for you. Hope you have a great 9 months! Being pregnant during the summer is the best. Aidan's due date was Sept. 16 but he wasn't born until the 24th so maybe they will have the same b-days.

JAJ said...

Yay! Congratulations!!! So happy for you, Kyle, and Big Brother Keaton.

Emily said...

Congrats on baby#2! I am so glad that your family names the fetus, too! I named both of my sisters...Blubs (named Isabelle at birth) and Sampson (named Natalie at birth). It's silly but fun, and helped me feel like I was getting to know them when I felt her belly! Cara speaks so highly of you so I am very happy for you and your growing family! And I love your blog colors!

Stephanie said...

Just came over from Caras blog to send some congrats!!
What a cute Tuesday 10!
Your son is adorable!!
Did you go to Mayde Creek?

Kimmie said...

Ahhhhh to me for being so late in reading this but I couldnt be more excited for you. This seriously just made my day. Yeah Yeah Yeah!