Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tuesday 10

Well since I'm really missing my friends right now I decided to do 10 of my favorite pics with my girlfriends. You know the pics you look at and just smile because you remember what a great night that was! There are tons more I could have chosen but these are SOME of my favs and they put a smile to my face while I reminisced about my friends that I miss so much! I'm so blessed to have such great people in my life! =)

10 Favorite Group Friend Pics...

10. April, Candyce, Me, and Kendall- This was at Mo's to say goodbye to Kendall when she was moving to Phoenix. I left for Colorado about a month after this and we were getting all the hugs we could before we left!

9. Sarah, Me, JoDee, and Roni- This was my first night on the town after I had Keaton so of course I remember it well! Keaton was a little over 2 months old so I was wary to leave but yet so excited for some me time! Heath and Andrew brought there kids over and all our husbands stayed home with the kiddos while the ladies went out for drinks!

8. Krystal, Heather, JoDee, Me, Cari, Kristel and Joy- This was my bowling birthday party and we had a blast! I was newly pregnant so going to a bar was NOT an option but bowling sure was!! =) Who doesn't love to bowl???

7. Courtney, Me, Cara, and Amanda- The 4 of us went to Jr. High together and this was our first night together in a LONG time! It was so much fun to catch up with them and this was actually the first night I shared the news with anybody that I was pregnant (with Keaton). I wasn't supposed to tell anybody yet but they asked me when we were going to start trying and I just couldn't wipe the smile of my face...guilty!!

6. Sally,Jaimie, Joy, Me, and Suzzy- This was at Mo's (can you tell we like that place!) for Kristel's birthday and like always we had a blast together!

5. Julie, Heather, Nanci, Erin, Cari, and Me- This was in Las Vegas for Cari's Bachelorette Party. This was one of the best times of my life! We had so much fun and I will never forget the memories we made! This was our first day there, we were just getting started! =)

4. This is too many people to name but it was at Trey and Kristal's Rehearsal Dinner at Victors Casa Garcia (mmmm, I would love some of that right now!) We ate yummy food, delicious margaritas, and then headed up to...you guessed it, Mo's!!!!

3. This was our first and last annual 4th of July party at our old house. We had a really great time but once the fireworks started I became a little anxious! Lets just say the boys all started shooting the Roman Candles at each other rather than in the air. Just imagine a bunch of 26 year olds "boys" running around a cul-de-sac hiding behind trees, bushes, and cars aiming at each other with fireworks! I was a wreck since we barley knew some of our neighbors and I swore I would never host a party where fireworks were involved ever again! =) (Oh and this was before I had a baby, that kid I'm holding is Miss Sydney and she belongs to Sarah and Andrew.)

2. Sally, Lauren, Jaimie, Me, and Carrie- This was at Midnight Rodeo and it was such a fun night! We all drank and danced the night away! I really miss my friends!

1. Kendall, Kristel, Jaimie, Carrie, Me, Sally and Joy- This was at my Bachelorette Party in Austin, TX. This was another weekend I will NEVER forget! We had so much fun that night going out to dinner and then hitting 6th Street. We got tons of free drinks and just had a blast! Then we stayed in a hotel and floated the river the next day. I love my girls!


Tiffany said...

Such fun pictures! Did you know that Midnight Rodeo closed? It became a Circuit City... of course now those are closing!

We need to get Jaimie to start blogging!!

Tiffany said...

Oh, and I forgot to mention that you look absolutely amazing 2 months after having Keaton!!!

Joy said...

These pictures brought back a bunch of sweet memories!! Love and miss you!!

Cara said...

I MISS YOU!!!! :(

JoDee Hale said...

Kristin! I can't believe I never saw this post... hmmmm... I thought I was a better blog stalker than that!!
Anyway- great pics- I DIDN'T recognize myself in your pic number 3!! Makes me wonder about going dark again... Sean might kill me! Ha!