Tuesday, February 17, 2009

8 Weeks 5 Days

Well I'm feeling great to be over the 7 week hump because that's when I miscarried last time. Even though I knew in my heart this pregnancy was different, it still feels good to be 8 weeks 5 days now!! =) I know that's still early but I just know all is well!

The baby is now about the size of a gummy bear or kidney bean and it's tail will be gone by the end of the week! =) Baby can also already bend it's knees and elbows and the eyelids are developing! The whole process is just so amazing!! What a miracle!

I'm feeling really good so far. I haven't really had nausea or sickness but there has been times after I eat that I just feel blah. Not really nauseated but just blah...I can't really explain it. I really need to buy some minty gum and I think that would help a lot!

Sleeping has been good and bad. I'm so tired that I usually fall asleep pretty fast and I mean I am OUT! The bad part is that I have to pee constantly and it gets really annoying! Last night I had to get up and pee 5, yes 5, times in one hour before I could finally fall asleep! ANNOYING...but I'll take it! =)

We've decided we're going to wait until the baby is born to find out the sex and I am so excited about that! I keep imagining that moment when they lift the baby up and yell the sex and it will be such a wonderful, exciting, special moment! I really think it's a boy but I think that's because I already have a boy so I can't really imagine anything different! I will be sooooo excited either way and I just can't wait! I found this website that does custom baby bedding and if you don't want to know the sex of the baby you pick out one girl bedding and one boy bedding and then give your doctor permission to share the news with this company and she'll make the bedding you picked out for the sex she knows you're expecting. Then she doesn't mail the bedding until you tell her to she wont spoil the surprise!! I'm so excited about this! I'm going to pick out a girl bedding and tell her if it's a girl to make that but if it's a boy I already have bedding so don't worry about it.

Although it is nice to feel organized and have the entire nursery ready before the baby is here, we learned that you really don't use it in the beginning because you're nursing and the baby usually just stays with you in your room so we're not too worried about not being "prepared". After the baby's here I know I'll have lots of help from my mom, Kyle's mom and my sisters that the room will be decorated and organized in no time! =) I can't wait!!


Tiffany said...

I love, love, love that you aren't finding out!! That is so exciting and I can't even imagine how fun it will be for Kyle to go into the waiting room and announce it to everyone anxiously awaiting. (can you tell that is what I wanted, but was overruled??)

John Paul and Rachel Buckley said...

I'm sooooo glad that you're not finding out! It'll be such a wonderful surprise! Im so excited for you!!

Cara said...

I am SO excited that you are waiting to find out!! P's sister, who just had her baby last week, waited too. So much fun!!

I'm praying for you and the little gummy bear daily! :)