Monday, February 9, 2009

Who Needs a Trampoline...

when you have daddy!??!!!


This weekend was pretty laid back. We went skiing again on Saturday and had a blast, as always! It was another beautiful day and I got to see my friend Katy! Her and her husband were in town with some friends to ski so we met up with them and had lunch and just caught up with each other. She got to meet Keaton for the first time and it was just a great day! Last night we made dinner for our neighbors. He wasn't feeling good for about 2 days earlier this week so his wife finally took him to the doctor and they said he had suffered a heart attack and probably wouldn't have made it through the day if she hadn't brought him in! Scary! He's doing better now but keep him in your prayers! I hope yall had a great weekend too!! I'm usually sad on Mondays when Kyle goes back to work but knowing that The Bachelor comes on tonight always makes Mondays easier and exciting! hehe! =)


Kimmie said...

You are so sweet..."Sad when Kyle goes back to work on Mondays". Loved the video but cant help but feel that hurts a tad, an awesome ab workout, haha.

JoDee said...

Oh my gosh that video is cute! Who's cuter- Keaton or daddy- with that big belly laugh? Adorable!!! Your family is so full of love! I always end up smiling when I read your blog!